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7 Common Sicknesses among Children

7 Common Sicknesses among Children

No matter how careful we are for our children not to get sick, there would still be times when they would get harmful elements in the environment. Even though we serve them healthy foods, it is still possible that they would get diseases which are common to children.

Here is a short list of common diseases which Aunt Dolores Child Care Center observed that we should counter to save our children from it:

  • Chickenpox

    Symptoms which indicate that children are already suffering from chickenpox may not go out as soon as possible. In fact, it may take 10 to 20 days for the virus to travel throughout the body and expose the infected parts. The commonly observed signs include redness, itchiness and swollen body parts.

    Chickenpox caused by varicella zoster virus oftentimes occurs during the first decade of our lives. Treating the symptoms can be done with calamine lotions or antihistamine.

  • Whooping cough

    This type of coughing is a bacterial infection which affects the respiratory system negatively. The symptoms usually take seven days to incubate and the symptoms include fever, nasal discharge, and long fits.

    To treat this disease, our children could take antibiotic and stay at a place where they can breathe fresh air. It is also recommended for our children not to take big meals when they suffer from the same sickness. We can also take advantage of vaccinations at the hospital as prevention.

  • Scarlet Fever

    Caused by a strain of streptococcus, scarlet fever is obtained through droplet infection whenever a person with the same disease sneezes or coughs. Symptoms may also include rash in the armpits or groin and peeling of the skin.

    One who is suffering from the same disease would take 3 to 8 days before noticing the symptoms. Antibiotics are usually prescribed to patients for 10 days to kill the bacteria inside the body. Children with this disease should be excluded from school for a few days to keep other children from acquiring the disease.

Let us save our children from these harmful types of sickness. The Best Child Care Center in Orlando Florida believes that it is beneficial to know what causes them and how to counteract or at least mitigate their effects.


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