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5 Developmental Benefits of Art Education for Your Kids

5 Developmental Benefits of Art Education for Your Kids

Unlike before, most day care programs today have curricula that are shifted heavily toward arts because of its significant impact on the growth and development of a child. We now see schools incorporating arts and crafts and visual aesthetics into activities and programs of their students. The following are some developmental benefits of arts to your kids that you should know:

  • Language Development

    It is important for every young child out there to learn and appreciate art – or at least talk about it at home with parents – because by doing so can help the child learn various shapes, colors, actions, and more! If you are a parent, you can help your child develop his language skill through art. For example, you can make simple creations out of a piece of paper, and then explain the object created through descriptive words. Just by crumpling up a paper, you can show to your child that the shape of the object is “round”. You can create different styles of artwork and use them to teach your child different expressions and words.

  • Visual Development

    Amazingly, arts can help a child develop his visual skills. Here at Aunt Delores Child Care Center, we incorporate into our programs some activities like sculpting with clay and drawing to hone this particular skill. We have learned over the years how important these activities are to the kids’ growth and development. Little did we know that kids can easily catch visual information, which explains why operating a tablet or smartphone is easier for them than reading a book.

    Unlike before, when there were only limited resources to teach kids about the world, parents can now use graphic resources to enhance their learning. Through art, children can learn analytical and critical skills which they can use in making decisions and choices.

  • Problem-solving skills

    We strongly believe that art education plays an important role in improving the problem –solving skill of a child. Art education provides opportunities for children to make choices and decisions which are important to their growth and development. Moreover, we continue to help them discover and try new ideas, think, explore, and experiment different things so that they can grow to be as creative as possible.

  • Sense of innovation

    As parents, it is important to encourage your kids to create and appreciate art so they can have an avenue to express themselves and develop a sense of innovation. Our world needs people who think innovatively. You can never really know what your child is capable of doing unless you expose him to opportunities where he can seek new improvements, ideas, and ways to make things better.

  • Academic achievement

    Students who participate regularly in art classes are mostly recognized for their academic achievement. These are students who can participate in activities and competitions with confidence. They will most likely achieve their academic performance than those who don’t participate.

If you are concerned about the growth and developmental aspect of your child, consider sending him to the Best Child Care Service in Orlando FloridaAunt Delores Child Care Center. Our child care center offers various child care programs, aside from arts education suitable to your child’s developmental needs. For more information, call 407-273-5362.

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