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  • I will never be able to thank Aunt Delores Child Care Center enough for all the love they gave my grandchildren at a very unfortunate time in our life, everyone that works at this daycare took in my grandchildren and showed them Love and security that they desperately needed, leaving my grandchildren there while going to work was never hard for me as they were so loved by each and every employee that my Heart was overwhelmed. I Highly recommend anyone looking for a christian day care with warm hearts to take your children to the day care, I truly believe that God sent us. Sherry- grandma
  • Love, love, love this school and the teachers. My son attended 7weeks until he was 14 months.. The entire staff and director Mrs.Tonia treats your child like family. – Nicole Banks
  • My daughter has been going here for almost a year. She improved in a matter of weeks. They have a great curriculum set up and the teachers are friendly and understand how to deal with some of the more difficult kids. My daughter started singing her abc’s one day, I was shocked. I love it here and would recommend it!
  • Thank you Thank You Thank you! These ladies made me feel so comfortable leaving my son in their care. They definitely became like a second family… My son attended to Aunt Delore‘s Child Care since he was 3 years old and may I add this was the first daycare in his life time. They showered him with love and care and made him feel so at home within days my son would not cry when I would leave.
  • Ms. Tonya, Ms. Linda, Ms. Emily, Ms. Jasmin, Ms. Kristie and specially Ms. Jamie… thank you!!! thank you so much, you all have no idea how much of a difference you have made in my son’s preschool experience! Ms. Priscilla thank you for the decorations for the Pre-K graduation they were amazing. With all of this being said… I love you ladies!! we will be keeping in touch! – Jennifer A.
  • Both kids have gone to Aunt Delores‘ and are better off because of it. My daughter is now in kindergarten and I feel the VPK program and teachers at Aunt Delores‘ have really prepared her for school and ingrained a love of learning in her. My son continues to learn in grow in their warm, loving environment. I feel so lucky to have found such a perfect school for my kids and know they got the best treatment and care possible.
  • So Blessed My Friend told me of here! Both my kids since 8 weeks have attended here. My oldest is now 5 and graduated VPK scoring very high. Everyday I don’t have to worry about my kids because I know they are being loved and cared for deeply here at Aunt Delores.
  • My son has been there since he was 2 and it has been such a blessing. They teach him so much and its a Gid fearing place which was important for me. I would recommend this day care to everyone, they are very clean, organized, they rated #1 in the county for VPK. I have the peace of mind that I don’t have to look for a school that offers VPK because I already know they have a great program. THANK YOU TO THE DIRECTOR, who loves these children like if they were her own. Thank you to the staff who take care and teach my son. Love u guys xoxox – amynp1012
  • This day care is AMAZING!!!!!!! They give me peace of mind every day!!!!!!!! My son has several food and skin allergies and the whole staff knows what his allergies are. They have been so helpful with making his snacks and lunches specifically for him around his food allergies. My son has been attending Aunt Delores since he was 9 months old and this past year he has learned so much!!!!!! Aunt Delores feels like a home away from home for my son!!!!! I couldn’t be more pleased with all that they do not only for my son but with all of the children!!!!! – kaylynnp
  • My daughter has been going here since she was 1, and I’d never even consider taking her anywhere else! Aunt Delores‘ gives your child the special, individual attention they deserve. They are very vigilant over the children’s safety and development, as well as interested in cultivating relationships with the parents of the children they care for. I have never had any doubt as to how well they are teaching my child; even with her stubborn attitude and somewhat slow development, Aunt Delores‘ has always provided her with the special attention she needs to succeed. It will be a very fond farewell this Fall when she’s off to Kindergarten! If you’re looking for a child care center with great values, small class sizes, an excellent VPK program, and talented staff who really care about your children, this is it! – amber biesecker
  • This place is AMAZING! That is the only word I have to describe them! I have had my daughter in other daycares and when I found out her old daycare was closing and had to find somewhere else I went to a lot of different places around the area and was completely SHOCKED at how unorganized, messy, dirty and no well ran these other places were. As soon as I stepped into Aunt Delores‘s Child Care Center I knew immediately that this was the place for my daughter. I wish I would have brought her here years ago! Everyone is extremely friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Very well taken care of and SUPER clean. My daughter loves it there and had no problem what so ever adjusting to her new surroundings. She is very excited to go in the mornings where as I use to have to drop her off at her old day care with her in tears and not wanting to go inside. I can hardly get her to leave now! I love this place and would recommend it to anyone! – shanna bailey
  • I LOVE this daycare! They may not be as trendy as some and they may not be in the the most upscale neighborhood but that is partly why I love them! They are REAL! Their rules do not come down from a guy in a suit who doesn’t even like children. When you enter this home, you feel the love. Each and every child is cared for and adored. My child loves going here and he has already learned so much. If I moved across town, I would still venture to Aunt Delores‘ because I trust no one else would care for my child as much as these ladies! The facility is clean and they involve the children in fun every day activities. I feel secure leaving my child in their care! I would give 10 stars if I could!
  • i went here from age 4 to 10 and it is the best! I have so many GREAT memories of Aunt Delores and her daughter Tonya—I could not have been in a better daycare– Aunt Delores is the only place to have your child in daycare –it is a home environment–They are honest good people–I am now 45 years old and I loved going there every day! -stefikenyon
  • Total Comfort. My son has attended Aunt Delores‘ Daycare for the past 3 1/2 years. He has not only received excellent training but also excellent nurturing. Being a single mom, support from a daycare provider and their staff means all the world to me! I find comfort that my son will enter into kindergarten as a well rounded and capable child . – jartist
  • Your child will feel at home. If you take the time to visit other child care facilities in the Orlando area, you would be surprised to find how many places think of your child as just another number ($). My daughter has been at Aunt Delores‘ for just over a year now and the only reason she would ever leave is because she will be starting school next year. Every teacher goes out of their way to make sure your child fits right in and feels like part of the family. This is rare in childcare these days, considering another facility I visited before choosing them literally told me they would only console her crying when I dropped her off “If they were not busy”. WHO SAYS THAT TO A PROSPECTIVE PARENT?! They serve home cooked meals every day (not canned ravioli). Their VPK program is fantastic. My child is SO excited about learning and going to school every day. I would highly recommend this daycare to anyone who cares about the adjustment and well-being of their child. – erica jean
  • I have three sons that attend Aunt Delores. I was very picking about looking for a daycare. I wanted a place that would teach them academically and allow them to be kids. I also was going to have my infant being cared for by the center. During my search I would look to see how the center was run, how friendly the teachers were, the cleanliness, and the center’s policies. Lastly was my gut feeling upon talking to the director and when I left the center. Aunt Delores met all of these criteria for me. Tonia the director is a wonderful person and immediately put me at ease. All of my children’s teachers along with the helpers are wonderful and I feel that they truly love and care for all of my children. I can honestly say that I feel 100% comfortable leaving my children in their care. I love when my children tell me what they learned that day and they are fed home cooked meals. I love the structure that the children are given during the day with a flexibility of play time. I believe that they will all benefit from being in the center and will have the ability to transition into kindergarten when the time comes. – bilandakat
  • Great Daycare. I love this daycare. My daughter has learned so much there and they take great care of her while I am at work all day. – daraou2000
  • Please parents. We have had 2 children at Aunt Delores‘. Our oldest was well prepared academically and socially for kindergarten. The staff have provided a warm and nurturing environment to play and learn. There is a nice balance between learning through formal academics and learning through play. The staff are friendly. The facility is clean and home-like. The kids get a nice home cooked meal. We feel safe and comfortable leaving our children there each day.
  • Very pleased Parents. Aunt Delores‘ Child Care is a family atmosphere with lots of learning and lots of playing. My 2 year old son is already counting to 10! He is excited to go to "school" each morning and loves to show me his latest art work at the end of the day. They run the facility like a home, even serving home cooked meals and snacks. The teachers interact with us so we can continue what he has learned at school when we get home. We are so pleased with our son’s progress, behavior, and enthusiasm that he’s picked up from his teachers and friends at Aunt Delores‘. – dalechristy1
  • fabulous childcare. I had trouble finding a daycare when my son was born. Aunt Delores‘ was exactly what I was looking for. A family owned business with a home like environment. They treat my son like family. My son loves it there and he’s made lots of friends. The staff are great with the children, and he is learning a lot. They even have great family activities. Love them, love them, love them.
  • Pleased mother. Our two sons have attended this Child Care Center for three and a half years. As a parent, we initially chose this Center because of the small class size, nurturing environment and cleanliness. Our babies were frequently held and not just moved from crib to swing to some other type of baby apparatus. It was evident that our babies were being loved and nurtured, not just being fed and having their diaper changed. Our first impression of the Center was positive and our expectations have consistently been exceeded. Our oldest is being taught songs, games, nursery rhymes, colors, numbers, and letters. Some of the things that we love about the Center are: staff warmly greet us and our children when we arrive in the morning and when we leave in the afternoon; there are fun crafts and activities planned for the children; there is a teaching component, along with time for play; and they get a home cooked meal. The routine of the Center and the staff made it easier for our children to be weaned from the bottle and to be pottied trained. The staff are like extended family for us and our children. It makes being away from them all day much easier. – happymotherof2
  • A wonderful place for children. I believe Aunt Delores Child Care is a wonderful place for children to be raised and taught. I have had two children at this daycare and have felt very safe leaving them in the loving hands of the employees. They are very caring and understanding with a strong background in child development. They have a firm handle on discipline and safety. My child gets upset when I get there too early to pick him up because he is having so much fun. My son has been raised with the High Reach Curriculum and I feel they have prepared him well for Kindergarten. This program has been used with him since he was one year old and now he is five and ready for kindergarten. He has a love for learning and I feel it is partly because of the wonderful care and guidance he has received from Aunt Delores Child Care. kim32r

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to create an atmosphere of love, acceptance, creativity and learning for children from infancy to 5 years, and to provide an affordable, high quality, safe, caring, developmentally appropriate environment for the children in our care. We encourage our children to explore and discover their world daily while creating an atmosphere where the children feel like our center is their home away from home. about us ยป

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Parent Testimonials

LoveThis day care is AMAZING!!!!!!! They give me peace of mind every day!!!!!!!! My son has several food and skin allergies and the whole staff knows what his allergies are. - kaylynnp

I believe that they will all benefit from being in the center and will have the ability to transition into kindergarten when the time comes. - bilandakat

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