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The Importance Of Early Child Education

The Importance Of Early Child Education

Despite the debate on whether or not early childhood education should be implemented, researchers have found that there are, in fact, several benefits to pre-Kindergarten education.

According to a study by Shonkoff & Phillips, children are more receptive to information from birth up to three years of age. Brains develop from ‘down-up’, and the foundation is crucial to a healthy brain development for a child. Early education plays an important role in molding a child’s set of skills, especially when they are not pushed too hard. Children rely on the ‘give and take’ relationship they have with their family and peers to learn more about interaction such as for babbling, or facial expressions, and the like. On the offset that reactions may be inappropriate, a child’s development may be compromised. They are more encouraged to learn because they get to interact with peers and instructors who will contribute to the homey environment in which a child can be comfortable while their parents are away.

However, there is a risk with regards to the stress that a child may experience while he or she commits to a learning experience. Our bodies, when faced with certain threats, result in physiological responses including the release of the hormone called ‘cortisol’. But research claims that for as long as your children are properly guided by adults, then there is no need to worry for, with the ample help and guidance, they will learn how to deal with the ‘positive stress’. It is imperative that a child learns how to deal with early adversity just so they will not have difficulty dealing with different kinds of challenges as they go on their educational journey. That should be done while a child’s brain is undergoing development processes.

There are a lot of child care centers offering a wide array of services to ensure your child’s early development. Aunt Delores, located in Orlando, Florida, aims to help your child with their holistic growth while giving them a fun learning experience. Their VPK Program or Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten has a curriculum fit for kids about to enroll in Kindergarten. They include an introduction to time telling, reading, Math, Arts and Graphics, and group play that teaches them their social development, and a whole lot more. Aunt Delores also has a wide array of activities catered to the development of a child’s potential in various fields.

Here are a few more fun facts that may convince you to invest in early childhood education:

  • Language Learning– A study at Harvard University has confirmed that getting your children to learn another language at the age of three has extensive psychological benefits that can develop their set of skills in a lot of fields in the future.
  • Music Lessons– Getting your child to study music at an early age not only introduces them to a different culture but also helps them develop and refine the discipline they need to learn their chosen instrument. Social and Physical skills are honed while getting them to be bright young kids who excel in Maths and other subjects related to critical and logical thinking.
  • Group Sports– A lot of benefits come with getting your child to play team sports. It can range from teaching them respect to boosting social skills that can help them in building stronger relationships in the future.

Aunt Delores Child Care Center offers these courses and a whole lot more. They hire only those who pass the CDA (Child Development Associate) process and is committed to further improve them by training them and sending them out to seminars. Parents love Aunt Delores so much and can easily vouch that really are the Best Child Care Service in Orlando Florida.

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