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Why Child Care Service is A Better Investment

Why Child Care Service is A Better Investment

Having to leave your kids alone while you are out to work is a terrifying thought. You also cannot just call on anyone to look after them. So what do you do? You hire a nanny. It seems like the best option at the moment. After all, you only need one person to look after your kids.

However, it is a common mistake to forget that a child’s early development depends on the people he or she interacts with. They need their parents, most especially since they are yet to grow and develop mentally, physically, and socially.

So, here’s an option you may have overlooked: Investing in Child Care services.


  • You Leave Your Kids With Trained Staff. It is true that married couples opt for nannies rather than a child care service. However, what you may not know is that there are Child Care service centers with individuals fully trained to look out for the well-being of your toddlers. For example, Aunt Delores Child Care, a Child Care Service Center that only hires CDA approved individuals and who knows just what to do in any given situation involving your child.
  • Your Kids Are More Prepared For School. Instructing your nanny to read books out loud to your kids or to teach them their ABC’s may be okay, but it still is not enough to prepare them for Kindergarten. A study by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) shows that children who had been enrolled in Child Care Centers have more developed skills in language learning, cognitive skills, and math skills. Aunt Delores can give your kids training in these fields and more. They have a VPK (Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten) program which prepares them for when they go out of daycare and into kindergarten where your child is exposed to a more diverse population. Having already practiced social and interactive skills gives them an edge when building relationships in the future. Being around the well-trained staff and kids their age gives your child a fun learning experience, while also being in a homey environment.
  • Getting the Most Out Of Your Money. Now, you may think that getting a nanny is much cheaper. But, it cannot be stressed enough just how important it is to have your child immersed into an academic environment as part of their early development. A nanny is okay, but children rely more on a give and take relationship with their parents and peers. Studies show that children are more receptive as toddlers and need the appropriate facial and verbal responses to prevent them from having behavioral problems in the future. Over the years, Aunt Delores has maintained an excellent reputation simply because of the way they treat their children. Investing in well-trained staff to benefit your child’s early physical and mental development sounds like a better option now that you have an idea as to how it can greatly affect your child’s potential.
  • However, you have to keep in mind that not all day care centers can provide the kind of quality that Aunt Delores Child Care Center can. Visit their website and read up on Parent Testimonies to see just how much the Child Care center has given to their kids.

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LoveThis day care is AMAZING!!!!!!! They give me peace of mind every day!!!!!!!! My son has several food and skin allergies and the whole staff knows what his allergies are. - kaylynnp

I believe that they will all benefit from being in the center and will have the ability to transition into kindergarten when the time comes. - bilandakat

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