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Lessons to Teach Five-year-old Children

Lessons to Teach Five-year-old Children

There are many lessons a child can learn. At an early age, a child’s brain welcomes more information than the older ones. Thus, this period is the best time to teach one great value which they would need to succeed and become a worthy citizen.

Among the values that parents need to equip their child with, Aunt Delores Child Care Center believes that the following are the most essential:


Since childhood, we were faced with various situations when we were tempted to lie. And probably, we have actually lied many times back then. But have all our lies ended up with positive outcomes? Maybe not.

For this reason, we have to teach our kid to know the value of honesty and how to choose telling the truth rather than lies. Teaching kids to be honest is a simple yet tricky task. The best way to do it is through showing them that we are honest. We have to be truthful to them and to other people. So the next time you make promises to your kids, make sure not to break them.


This word may seem vague to everyone. Simply put, justice is the quality of being just or righteous, and giving to the other what is due to him. Since justice may be subjective to different individuals, we have to teach our kids about this value as early as five.

To help children understand justice, we should encourage them to take actions to remedy the wrong they have committed. For instance, if your child pushed a kid because he feels envious of that kid’s toys, asking your child to apologize is not enough. Encouraging your child to make gestures that will emphasize the importance of treating a person fairly is also required. Thus, you can teach your child to help the other kid stand up and play with him instead.


A hundred percent determination is necessary to achieve anything we want to get. And if we want to guide our children to be successful, we have to impart to them the essence of being self-driven.

One way of teaching kids to be determined is through encouraging them to take on challenges. We have to stop over-praising them and provide them with honest feedbacks, but delivered in a supportive way.


Many people say that all other good values emanate from this single value- love. When you start to love, you also begin knowing how to treat others right. You learn to be honest and to sacrifice.

Although our young ones are naturally loving and generous, we still have to reinforce these qualities. We can start showing them how to love within the confines of our homes. When at home, we can kiss and hug our spouse and kids, or randomly say “I love you.” We can also show love by simple gestures like putting a note in their lunch box.

Teaching your kids these values is not enough. We have to enroll them in the Best Child Care Service in Orlando Florida to better instill these values.

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