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How To Teach Your Kids The Value Of Gratitude

How To Teach Your Kids The Value Of Gratitude

Gratitude is a value that should be instilled in children as early as possible. With this value, kids find themselves being grateful and appreciative of everything that comes their way. Aside from the fact that it is considered good manners for kids to be grateful, children who show gratitude tend to be happier with their lives.

Mother’s Day is one of the perfect occasions for your child to appreciate and be grateful for the things you have done and are constantly doing for them. For your kid to have gratitude, teaching such value should start at home. The following suggestions can help you develop a grateful child.

  1. Train him to say “Thank you”.

    Thank you, please, and sorry, among others, are usually known as magic words. A person says a specific magic word that corresponds to a given situation.

    Make him say thank you every time he receives a gift or in any scenario where gratitude is appropriate. Doing so will help him develop the habit of saying the magic word every time the same scenario arises.

  2. Present opportunities.

    There surely are a lot of different situations where your child is expected to show gratitude. Through these opportunities, your child will always remember to say thank you. You will also be able to check whether he has already developed the habit or he still needs more improvement.

  3. Set proper expectations.

    You should tell him that there are limits as to what he can get for himself. For instance, if you can only afford one toy, he should know that he must only choose one toy and not whine when he wants to get another one. Through this, he will learn to be grateful that he gets one that he can play with.

  4. Do not spoil your child.

    You must personally know when giving gifts to your kid is just too much. He might end up getting spoiled and ungrateful since he will think that he is entitled to these gifts. Better yet, make him earn what he wants. For instance, you can ask him to show you a good grade before you will buy him a gaming console. He will appreciate the item even more upon receiving it since he worked hard to earn it.

  5. Be a living example of gratitude.

    Your kid tends to follow everything that he sees from adults around him. If you want him to be grateful, then you should be grateful yourself. Walk the talk. Be consistent in saying thank you and your child will follow. Be grateful for everything and he will be grateful as well.

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