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5 Values Your Child Should Learn before Kindergarten

5 Values Your Child Should Learn before Kindergarten

Aunt Delores Child Care Center is the provider of the best child care service in Orlando Florida. As a child care center that anchors curriculum on the Christian teachings, we believe we are capable of teaching your child the importance of values such as:

  • Consideration
    The world is full of people. These people have their own dreams and ambitions and they have their own stories to tell. Being selfish about your own interest is the least you need to do.
    Early childhood experts at Aunt Dolores Child Care Center teach our pupils to consider what others feel. In order for the children to appreciate the value of consideration, we express how much we respect the decisions the learners make. After all, we should stand in as a role model for the little ones.
  • Determination
    The world is not a wish-granting factory.” This is a line we all must learn from the book The Fault in our Stars by John Green. Indeed, as we venture out our luck, not all things will go our way.
    Competition is what drives all of us to do things beyond our limits. And because the Theory of Social Darwinism still applies today, we should teach our kids to be resilient despite the mistakes they have made and the events that made them feel down.
    Determination is a value that needs to be encouraged. Here in Aunt Dolores Child Care Center, we motivate our young learners to challenge themselves and perform better than they had just shown us.
  • Honesty
    Our society today is full of people who are willing to do and risk everything in order to climb up to success. Some of these people are ready to cheat, steal, and even lie on their way to their goal.
    We should definitely teach our children that that attitude should not be encouraged and that the value of honesty should persevere against all odds. Children must learn, to tell the truth at a young age.
    To let children appreciate such act, we encourage a child, to tell the truth. The key here is to not overreact when the child did something wrong or embarrassing. And above all, we give compliments to those who are brave enough, to tell the truth even if that truth compromises him or her.
  • Justice
    “I am sorry” may just be a three-lettered word. But we all know how hard it is to say those words in a real life situation. But once a child is trained to understand the value of justice, he or she will eventually come to terms with the people he or she has wronged with.
    When a child did something wrong to another child, it is important for us to come in between the conflict. First, we ask the child who is at fault to say sorry. Afterward, we let him or her explain to why they did that in the first place. This will let the other child understand the feelings of the one who made the mistake. Then, we ask the latter to think of a way to compensate his or her faults.
    Practicing the sense of justice is significant. Our children will become the next in line to lead this country. That is why from an early age, we should teach them how to be fair towards others.
  • Love
    Love is such a strong word and it could mean different things to anyone. Given the diverse definition of love, all of us would agree that it is a feeling that would change the world to a better place. We teach your kids how to love as much as you teach them the value.

Kindergarten is a place of learning and exploration for our little kids. Unlike home, this is a more structured environment where children get to socialize with other children and experience different activities that would hone their skills.
Because they are now in a place full of children their age, your child should be able to display the needed values for them to peacefully interact with other children in their age group.
What other value did we miss? Send us a comment down below.

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