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3 Reasons Why Children Need to be Encouraged

3 Reasons Why Children Need to be Encouraged

Reinforcement is an established study in psychology. It explains how behavior can be retained and how it can be modified. For children during early childhood, it’s important that they feel encouraged that they are good, and have the ability to do better and achieve their dreams.

Giving positive feedback and attention toward good behavior and achievement reinforces children to repeat the behavior.

Attention is a powerful thing. When you give it to children, it motivates them to be better. After all, who doesn’t want to be appreciated for their good work? However, as they get older, the tendency to believe in encouragement can grow less if not given in the early childhood days.

Positive feedback and attention allow children to believe and be confident in themselves.

This helps in the development of children’s competency. We would want our children to believe in themselves and have the resources that allow them to work, despite future adversities in life.

Reinforcement allows children to differentiate what should and shouldn’t be done—or more simply, to know good from bad.

Although this can be subjective, we all agree that studying, doing well at school, acing quizzes, being kind, and being helpful to people are good traits. In the event of doing something that is considered “bad”, ignoring or not reinforcing this bad act allows children to stop their bad behavior.

It’s important to emphasize the good things your children do and help them know what is good from what is bad. Reinforcement helps in this process. Attention and encouragement work hand-in-hand with reinforcement.

Allow your children to learn, grow, and develop in a nurturing environment that encourages good acts, discovery, and creativity. Aunt Delores Child Care Center provides your children with the Best Child Care Service in Orlando, Florida. Combined with awareness, up-to-date knowledge of what children need, and the trained and highly competent staff we have, your children’s education can be at ease with us.

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