Biting Policy

Aunt Delores‘ recognized that it is not out of the ordinary for young children between the ages of 10 and 30 months of age to go through a period of biting. Biting occurs for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common reasons young children bite are due to: teething, a lack of ability to communicate, frustration, being overly tired or overly hungry, and/or a need for more attention. It is highly likely that all children between these age ranges will either bite or be bitten at some point (often more than once) while in the child care setting.

Our teachers and administration work closely and quickly to extinguish this undesirable behavior by the following these guidelines for children who have been identified as having a biting habit:

  • If a child bites two (2) times within a four (4) hour time frame, the parents will be called and required to remove the child from the center for a day.
  • If a child has been required to leave the facility for the aforementioned reason twice within a five (5) day period, a parent/ teacher/ director conference will be held. During this conference, a formal plan of action will be developed.
  • After the parent/ teacher/ director conference, if improvement is not seen, the parent will be required to temporarily withdraw the child from the center.
  • After a temporarily withdrawn child returns, if improvement is not seen, the child will be required to be taken out of our center permanently.

Contact us for more information on our Biting Policy.

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Our mission is to create an atmosphere of love, acceptance, creativity and learning for children from infancy to 5 years, and to provide an affordable, high quality, safe, caring, developmentally appropriate environment for the children in our care. We encourage our children to explore and discover their world daily while creating an atmosphere where the children feel like our center is their home away from home. about us »

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LoveThis day care is AMAZING!!!!!!! They give me peace of mind every day!!!!!!!! My son has several food and skin allergies and the whole staff knows what his allergies are. - kaylynnp

I believe that they will all benefit from being in the center and will have the ability to transition into kindergarten when the time comes. - bilandakat

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