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Armors for Excellent Learning Experience in Early Childhood


Every parent dreams for their child to pursue quality education, even in early childhood. At Aunt Delores Child Care Center, we help you invest in your child’s flourishing future! Enrolling your child in our center is a great milestone for your young learner. Known to continually provide the best Child Care Service for ages six weeks to 5 years old in Orlando, Florida, we take your child’s learning experience to a level different from the rest!
We say so because your child will be privileged to create excellent learning experiences with the help of the following armors:

  • Love
    Love is one of the most sought-after motivations in all areas of life. Love is one primary drive of student participation and activeness in the academic setting. Our child care center creates an atmosphere of genuine love from every staff member to all eager learners. With love comes the giving of fair attention, respect, recognition, encouragement, and passionate teaching. When a child feels secure about the kind of love shown by educators, he or she feels more confident and heightened to engage in experiential learning.

  • Fun
    Children at a young age learn and grow better when they are having fun. We let their experiential learning be full of wonders and excitement, giving them the right to learn at their pace. We give no pressure like forcing them to grow up early. Instead, they come to every class comfortable and full of enthusiasm because we provide loads of fun ways to learn!

  • Discovery
    It is our desire to unlock your children’s potentials and maximize them for excellence. We are an exceptional training ground of honing their intelligence, talents and skills. At an early age, their level of competence can upswing to an overwhelming level because of our training modules. As we help discover their potentials, the kind of future you can help them set for themselves becomes clearer.

  • Christian values
    Your children’s character matters to us just like how it matters to you. Not only do we hone their intelligence and talents; we also help instill in them Christian values that would shape their character and vision. We train them to grow as noble examples wherever they will be situated in the future.

  • Camaraderie
    We acknowledge that groups and surroundings create an effect on a child’s learning. We make sure to get your child engaged in group learning activities to develop camaraderie and welcome greater enhancements on a holistic level. Even with the presence of personality differences, we help children get along with each other as learning camaraderie begins at a young age.

What are you waiting for? Start living the dream you have set for your child’s education! Have the young learners wear these armors we provide and send them to us right away! Navigate through our pages at to learn more about what we can offer. Should you have any inquiries, we can be reached at 407-273-5362. Connect with us now!

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LoveThis day care is AMAZING!!!!!!! They give me peace of mind every day!!!!!!!! My son has several food and skin allergies and the whole staff knows what his allergies are. - kaylynnp

I believe that they will all benefit from being in the center and will have the ability to transition into kindergarten when the time comes. - bilandakat

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